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Thomas Furr Jr.
Family Trust

“To me Bob Taylor was acting as a consultant and not a salesperson, this in itself set him apart and opened a lasting and cordial relationship which has endured thru the completed closing and even thru to today. Many events happened over the course of the transaction but all were resolved by Bob and when anytime a decision was to be made, he was there to advise us on the pros and cons. My only regret with our relationship is that I do not have another real estate project for Bob to manage.”

Dolly Ozburn
Family Property

“I found Bob to be very knowledgeable and professional about every phase of the transaction. He understands the business of the development, the value of the property being sold and the zoning process. He was very upfront and honest with us which I appreciated immensely. Not having much expertise in this area, my family and I asked many questions. He was patient and guided us through this process with very clear, concise and understandable answers. If I had another piece of property to sell, Bob would be the first person I would call.”​


T. Frederick Blume
Manager of Family Property LLC

“Bob Taylor was a consistently reliable source of guidance throughout the process. Thanks to Bob’s diligent efforts, we secured a good price from a national builder and their product has been commercially successful and praised by our local Town as a quality addition to the community. Bob Taylor is undeniably a man of personal integrity with a drive to serve his client’s best interest. We continue to rely on Bob to represent us with some remaining properties and we highly recommend him to others who have land to sell.”

James Chambers III
The Chambers Group

“As a seasoned professional commercial real estate broker for almost 30 years, and an owner of a nationally recognized retail brokerage and development company, I know what to look for in a real estate professional. Bob Taylor is a man of character and integrity as well as his professional skills and competency, which is evidenced by his consistent recognition he has received as a Top Producer Broker in his field. Bob’s knowledge of the market, his relationship with prospective buyers, his creativity, and his relentless pursuit of my interests in all negotiations led to a successful transaction that I am very happy with.”

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